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When it comes to media consolidation, there is vast anxiety surrounding the diversity of media ownership, which seems to have declined both globally and within Australia. With a multiplicity of media sources it would be expected that those who control the media would also be variegated. However, when considering media ownership within Australia alone, the concentrated possession of media outlets is made evident.

Australian media mogul, Rupert Murdoch’s company, News Corp, owns 44% of the Sky Network, and some 150 national and local newspapers in Australia alone. The Sky Network also owns 50% of the Premier Media Group, which operates nine Fox TV channels in Australia. Murdoch’s companies also own stakes and shares across Asia, Europe, the US, and the Middle East. Murdoch’s ownership of such a large variety of media sources, iterates his editorial and ideological control of a large portion of the world’s media interaction, providing a, therefore, significantly one sided and prejudicial viewpoint on all news and media presented to the public.

It may be considered bold to make the comparison between Rupert Murdoch and Adolf Hitler, yet when taking into account Hitler’s use of propaganda during Nazi power and his employment of Joseph Goebbels as his ‘Propaganda minister’, we expose the correlation between the two. The journalists that Rupert Murdoch employs at his various news corporations are merely publicizing propaganda of Murdoch’s choice to the, ill aware, masses. That being said, we begin to comprehend the abuse of media power upheld by Murdoch, much the same as Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930’s, who successfully indoctrinated the German public to concur with Nazi beliefs. Whilst Rupert Murdoch is no Nazi, he is, however, subtly forcing his opinion upon those who consume the media sources he owns, therefore, engaging in Nazi behaviour of sorts.


Source: Adolf Im Whanderland – James Dyrenforth & Max Kester

With the modern world lacking in pluralism and, in an effort to subdue the apparent abuse of media power, Produsage has become a popular form of media expression as users can also produce their own media content, perhaps in an effort to overcome media consolidation and allow for self-expression. Produsage can potentially combat the mindless media consumption that we, as members of the public, endure, by way of providing an outlet for individual thought and encouragement of research in order to publish fact driven information.

So with these ideas in mind, I pose the questions, who owns and controls the media you use to access news sources and how do you know if you can you trust them?





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  1. I agree with your comment that Murdoch has a similar yet more subtle field of view as Hitler, but his methods are no where near as extreme. Murdoch has employed people who share and spread his views yes, but not to an extent of using propaganda to create mass hysteria in believing his views.

    This is why our produser state is important. Even though legacy media may be trying to suppress our views, there is no way they could censor everything we put onto the internet due to its vastness of content.

    Strong post though, easy to read and good exapmples!-V


  2. See I completely agree with your comparison of Hitler and Murdoch. They were, and still are, economic and social powerhouses that dictate what we are exposed to and consumer as members of society.
    Hitler used propaganda to incite hatred for the Jews, just as Murdoch utilises his media platforms and global admiration to suppress the views that do not represent, or countermand the idea he wants to broadcast. I never thought of comparing him to a sadistic tyrant, but I think the analogy fits perfectly as both characters used their power to inform global consensus and create a bubble where views to the contrary are publicly shamed.


  3. Hey Shaneese!
    I think your comparison between Hitler and Murdoch is nothing short of the truth – you’ve made this only more evident within your blog post. I really like the mixture of statistical information with textual examples, it makes it interesting while still providing depth. I also think that produsage is a really dominant part of the online media sphere at the moment – it’ll be interesting to see how this concept develops in the future! The stucture of this post as well as your use of mixed media, and hyperlinks makes it easy to read and enticing to an audience, great work.

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  4. Hey! I loved this post. It was very informative & concise. Your comparison of Hitler & Murdoch was explained perfectly (for someone who doesn’t know much about Murdoch), this post has helped me understand more. Your examples & explanations along with your use of hyperlinks definitely made it easy to read & appealing to audiences of all ages. I’m excited to see more posts.
    -Tay xo


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