Entry Points into the Happiness Factory

In 2006, Coca Cola created a TV advertisement called the Happiness Factory. It portrayed the animated world inside a soft drink vending machine. Following the global success of the ad, a 3-and-a-half minute film was produced. Various trailers were used, along with movie inspired posters, in order to promote the launch of the film.

Marc Mathieu, the Senior Vice-President of global brand marketing at Coca Cola has said, “Through the short film and other aspects that we have created, including promotional packaging and a brand new online element, we hope that people will have fun with the campaign.”


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Coca Cola collaborated with Xbox and made a Coca-Cola skin available for customised dashboards. They also enabled a free download of the Happiness Factory ringtone.

Not only were they able to increase revenue and popularity with this campaign, but, they were also able to reach a greater number of consumers, extending into multiple platforms and continuing to widen the influence of their brand.

Ultimately, this became one story scattered over many channels, creating different points of entry for different audience demographics that fit together to tell one pervasive story. This campaign, in itself, is the perfect example of Transmedia, which is the creation of a unified and coordinated entertainment experience, through the utilisation of various media avenues.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post this week it was engaging and interactive. The use of the animated coca cola commercial was an excellent way to portray the process of transmedia and the ability of developing multi channel delivery, great work.


  2. Hey Girl! Such a good blog as usual! Coca Cola is such a good example to use for Transmedia storytelling as it is such a relevant and popular item that is reflected in the media so much. The specific example also really reflects the idea of one story over many channels. Your argument really reflects the ideas of the lecture and reiterates the main points discussed so well, like the different points of entry. A few more links to articles and resources could help get your point across much further, especially instead of just having a wikipedia page linked for Transmedia storytelling. This site is really interesting for explaining that http://www.tstoryteller.com/transmedia-storytelling as well as this article http://nerdist.com/a-look-at-transmedia-storytelling/. It could also be interesting if you included more of a breakdown of what Transmedia storytelling is and maybe reflected that through your remediation. Great work 🙂 xx


  3. Hey Shaneese!
    I really liked your blog this week because I agree coca cola did a great job of using transmedia storytelling to sell their brand image and overall message. I think it could be helpful to mention transmedia storytelling earlier in your blog so readers know what point you are trying to make early on. I knew what you were talking about because of BCM of course, but other readers might not. Just a tip. I would also explain what story they are trying to sell. It might not be as obvious to readers as it is to you and this is a major part of transmedia storytelling. Another idea would be to add a link at the bottom for readers to find other examples. I did this on my blog just incase readers wanted to learn more and continue with the transmedia lesson. You may consider this link as an add on?


    It explains how other brands, like coca cola use this as a marketing tactic.

    Overall great blog post and these are just some ideas to keep up the great work 🙂

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